Perfect my relationship turning out just like my last fml. hopefully I dont have to break up with him too

Get out

i dont like him. i sure as hell dont want him back. So why is he always on my mind? 

Im tired of clicking my heels..

I cant wait until i can get the hell out of here. If I hide out in Italy or Grease long enough maybe everyone will think im dead and leave me the hell alone. I never asked for any of this you forced me into it all. I hate it all. I feel so trapped. This town makes me sick. Not a single person has a back bone. Always bitching and complaining to the wrong person, never moving forward. I used to always have flowers in the house when I was living with you. I would always be drawing them. I swear not a single flower grows here. Its dead land. So dead in fact that it makes it hard to breath. Please kidnap me and take me anywhere else. “home” would be lovely..

Break down before work


This will be on my body is 4-5 business days! eeeeeekkkkk Merry Christmas to me :D



Because why not have Channing Tatum dry humping a stage on your blog?

Omg watching THIS right now lol lol

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screw you too

Disney/Pixar’s redheads

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This is neat


Robson Borges